Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Hangover 2 Review

Last week I took a trip down to my local cinema to check out X-Men First Class with my friends, unfortunately it was after a big night out and my friend fainted in the car park so we didn't make it. Hangover 2 was the next best option, or so I thought. When I saw the first Hangover film in cinemas I laughed, alot, which is strange for me because I'm not a big public laugher. Hangover 2 didn't have me laughing, i cracked a smile once or twice but that was about it. The way I see it, this hangover sequel could have gone one of three ways; 1)The lads take another trip to Vegas, perhaps to see Stu's stripper wife, which to another wild one 2)A different bachelor party takes a trip to vegas, maybe one or two returning characters but mostly a new cast or 3)Recovering from a hangover in a different country. All solid options, if you change it up a little bit, but the exact same story? Why did they feel the need to lose another friend? Why not lose something else? A wedding ring? Plane tickets home? but another person, come on. That was a key issue for me, but it wasnt the only similarity, baby replaced by monkey ("hey guys look a baby masturbating", "Hey guys look a monkey giving head"), more gangster negotiaion,they even thought they had found their guy only to discover its not actually him, it was like paint by numbers.
Zach Galifianakis's Alan was the shining star in the first one but in this he came across less child like and more seriously disturbed individual, which leads me to think that maybe the wolfpack exists only in Alan's mind. The film also suffered from the worst cameo in history when Mike Tyson sings his heart out. This film seriously disappointed me and lacked the originality of the first film. That being said Bangkok was a great setting, but they didn't use it to their full advantage. I've heard talks of Amsterdam being the setting of the third film which is great I just prey that they adapt the story a little, I like the idea of them all waking up seperate and following them trying to find each other, but maybe that's just me.

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