Tuesday, 31 May 2011


For a while now I've been trying to remember why everyone loves Johnny Depp, because my opinion of him fell dramatically after seeing the 2nd and 3rd 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and Rango was that reason. Its the basic story of the main character (Rango) being suddenly thrown into a new and dangerous world, having to gain the respect of his new friends. His adventure comes in the form of having to find water for a town in the desert suffering from a drought. I found myself laughing a lot and all the characters are very likable, the animation also struck me as some of the best I've seen. Rango himself is extremely relatable, and you can't help but fall in love with him. Definitely check it out if you get the chance. Here is the trailer:

Monday, 30 May 2011

Jed Mildon - BMX Triple Backflip

This is a first person video of Jed Mildon preforming the first ever triple backflip on a BMX. Watching this literally made me shake with fear, incredible:

28th May 2011

Get your drum and bass fix

Nothing to say really, just some great D'n'B tunes I've been enjoying lately (well mostly drum and bass anyways.)

Interface and Eddie K - Get down

Heist - Rum Goblin

Icicle - Arrows

Brooke Brothers - Tear you down

Dj Hype - Closer to God

Mosca - Tilt Shift

Booka Shade - The Door

Friday, 27 May 2011

Guest Blogger: Wiz Khalifa Live Review

This post is from guest blogger Claudia Foxcroft, my neighbour. You can read her blog here if you are interested http://missfoxylearnstoblog.tumblr.com/

So managed to hunt down a ticket for Wiz Khalifa last week at HMV Forum. The queue was INTENSE. Stretching around the entire building, with people from various blogs and magazines shoving dictator phones in the faces of eagerly awaiting fans. Once in, a pit stop to the bar was in order, followed by a careful weaving through the crowd, cider in hand. First up was Wretch 32, supporting Wiz on his UK tour. I have to say I’m a bit bias towards him, loving ‘Unorthodox’ for the simple reason my best friend features in the video! That and it is a sound tune. He definitely warmed up the crowd, waiting on tenterhooks for the appearance of Wiz. And finally he hits the stage, his energetic presence knocking us all for six. Personal fav? Well the obvious crowd pleaser of Black and Yellow did create an amazing atmosphere but I loved his take on Empire of the Sun. Everyone was either lighting up, or inflicting some killer moves on the floor. All in all the tempo of the night was insanely fast paced. I was in awe at how he hit each song with such energy. I literally felt tired just watching him perform! Loved the light projections throughout the night with WIZLA, ROLL UP and neon cannabis leaves being personal favourites. All in all a night to remember. This is one artist who knows how to put on a crowd pleasing rave.

Shark Films 3D

3D shark films seem to be all the rage at the moment with both Bait 3D and Shark Night 3D coming out. Shark Night seems to be going for the Piranha crowd, a film which I loved finding it both fun and tense, but really wish they hadn't killed off Adam Scott because he is gold in everything. Bait seems to be the more genuinely tense of the two. Check out the trailers below
Bait 3D

Shark Night 3D

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oh Land - Son of a Gun (Jacob Plant's remix)

Jacob Plant is a new up and coming dubstep artist coming out of the UK. I am not a massive fan of dubstep, im by no means opposed to it, but I do find that a lot of it sounds too similar. But everything so often I hear a tune which has me wanting to just rock my body, this is such a tune. A right banger, i hope you all enjoy

Mac Miller

Recently I've been listening to a lot of stuff by Mac Miller, he's an up and coming American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Everything he makes and does just screams confidence, and the truth is he's got the talent to back it. My only concern is this maybe another Wiz Kahlifa situation, starts off strong but loses his grip. Anyways heres a couple of my favourite tunes by him, the first some people my recognise the beat (Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game), and the second I can't help but nod my head along too. Enjoy

One more thing, if you liked the tunes, check this out, need it:

Crazy Dice Portait

As an artist myself I love finding new, exciting ways to create, and for me this is a simply amazing example. A portrait of Tobias Wong using 13,138 dice, check out the video below:

Heres the full post.

Green With Envy Trailer

Teaser trailers are usually fairly standard, show a little bit of cool footage, one or two of the main characters and thats it. Every so often though a teaser trailer comes along and does exactly what a teaser trailer should do, it teases you. The last time I can remember being teased with a trailer was when I was about 10, sitting in the cinema when a trailer for a  new batman movie came on, or so I thought. It turned out to be a scooby doo motion picture and the trailer was brilliant, instantly I wanted to see more of the film - despite it having nothing to do with the batman vibe. Today I present you with another of those trailers, I don't want to ruin what the movie is so watch the trailer and then I'll talk about it

Did you expect that? A muppets movie? Awesome. Written by and starring Jason Segal, whom is consistently brilliant, also starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Adams, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Danny Trejo, Rashida Jones, Ed Helms, Donald Glover (hell yeah), Ricky Gervais and Kermit the Frog
(All of that is according to imdb, it seems to good to be true but muppet movies have been packed with cameos in the past). Directed by the man behind many episode of Flight of The conchords and Ali G and with Bret Mckenzie as music supervisor, this could just be a kids film. Or it could be the film of the year!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bioshock Infinite

Awesome trailer for the new Bioshock game, if we ever do get a bioshock movie, i want it to look like this, exactly this.

Trailer time

It's trailer time again, this week we've got 4 gems for you. A documentary about an ex tv-show host, A documentary about running a tv show, a documentary about a remake of a famous tv show and a remake where Cyclops goes Hoffman on a bunch of rednecks.

Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
Here in England we unfortunately never got Late Night with Conan O'Brien, but the shows I did when I've been on holiday in america, or the odd clip on youtube left me wanting for more. Luckily now I've got my chance, the new documentary Conan O'Brien Can't Stop follows Conan on his "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny On Television Tour", and from what I can tell from the trailer it is going to be a funny, poignant and zany journey. I've been hearing great things from the festival circuit and hopefully it won't be too long before this gets released, because I can't wait to get my hands on some more of Conan's antics.
Here's the trailer

This one is really interesting, talking to creators, writers, showrunners from TV shows about what it's like to have an incredibly successful TV show, and to be sitting in the backseat while your leading lady is taking all the credit. With some familiar names and faces, and bound to be a few more, this will be interesting, funny and educational and thus should definitely be checked out

Exporting Raymond
Earlier today I watched my first ever episode of The Office: An American Workplace, up until now I've avoided it as it seems like a remake of a hilarious show isn't necessary, but I can now see what an alternative office offers. So what would happen if an american show was remade by Russia, would it also offer up new comedy for the characters? Well we're about to find out as exporting Raymond takes us to Russia with Phil Rosenthal (Everybody loves Raymond's creator) to discuss the creation of a Russian Everybody Loves Raymond,

Straw Dogs
Last week on trailer time I posted Fright Night, a remake coming out that actually looked pretty decent. Now today I come to you with ANOTHER remake that doesn't look awful but actually looks quite good. Starring James Marsden (Sex Drive & X men) and Kate Bosworth (look in the romantic comedy section of a blockbuster, she's bound to be in most of them). This trailer is genuinely thrilling and if the film is anything like this it'll be a winner.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

6 Shows to check out this fall

Community is done. 30 rock is gone. How I met your mother is finished. Modern Family has its finale next week. Parks and Recreation finished brilliantly on Thursday, all of this means that the summer season is over and the fall season's on it's way. There are a lot of new shows starting this time around, most of them look kinda crappy but here are 6 shows that I feel have potential and could go on to be staples in your schedule.

I've already done a post on awake previously on this blog, I think it has more potential than any other show this season and I'm sure we can expect some great things from it.

NBC seems to have gone fr quite a fairy tale vibe this season with both Grimm and Once upon a time, with Grimm looking superior (although once upon a time also sounds interesting, it's not on my list as I'm not too sure on the real-life disney feel im getting from it). Grimm is from some of the same team behind Buffy, and I'm getting a similar albeit darker vibe to it. The premise is this: the show's antagonist is a descendant of the Grimm's brothers and as a result is capable of seeing the supernatural. It looks like his sidekick is a wise cracking were wolf, whom I'm not too sure about, but I'm certain this will lead to some pretty interesting conflicts when his wolf instincts take over. I'm sure we'll see things like vampires, zombies, witches and maybe even the occasional buffy or angel reference, as it's possible that these show's could happen in the same universe, now that would make me really interested.
The River
I'm a big fan of both Paranormal Activity' films, whilst I don't find them as frightening as I was lead to believe before seeing, but the ways in which Oren Peli manages to create suspense so thick you could cut it with a knife is amazing and truely frightening, even if the jumps at the end of the suspense only consisted of a door flying open or a dog barking at some ominous footsteps, its remarkable. So the River is the new show from Oren Peli, the director of paranormal activity & insidious (which im yet to see), and from what I can tell so far its Paranormal Activity, on a boat, in a secluded part of the amazonian river, and I am sure the suspense will work so much better in television format, where its built up over weeks rather than 90 minutes. Unfortunately embedding has been disabled on the video so CLICK HERE to watch the trailer, and trust me you should click it, did I mention Spielberg's involved.

Terra Nova
Spielberg again here, this time the world is threatened by extinction, so in an effort to save the human race the government sends people back to the prehistoric times to create the first colony. Very interesting premise, not to mention that dinosaurs are always a plus and who know's a couple of series down the line maybe we'll see them encounter prehistoric man.
Up All Night
Will Arnett. Christina Applegate. And Maya Rudolph - not a huge fan but she looks good in this. This looks like it could be a fantastic comedy, Arnett is a god for GOB, probably the finest character in Arrested Development, one of the best comedy shows of all time. Arnett & Applegate play struggling first time parents, with him as a stay at home dad and her seemingly ridden hard by Rudolph, her boss. The trailer is funny so hopefully the show will be
The New Girl
Zooey Deschanel does TV, thats enough for me. The fact that she's quirky as hell in this is an added bonus. Whats really interesting here is she's moving into a flat with 3 men following a breakup yet, judging from the trailer there is no sign of any romantic play between her and any of them, but rather a brotherly-sisterly bond which is a nice change of pace, although that being said I'm sure we'll see her bag most of them during the course of the show.

Ok, there is one more show I am going to mention, It didn't quite make the list but could prove to be a beautiful show. The show is Pan Am and its only really on here because it stars the gorgeous Christina Ricci and from the trailer looks like it could have some stunning sets and costumes.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Icicle - Under The Ice

If you're into drum and bass, Icicle's new album 'Under the Ice' is a must have. I attended the album launch at Basement 45 - Bristol and it was a fantastic night out, wasn't bored for a second. Check it out, here is one of my favourites off the album:

Dead Space 2

I know its a bit out of date, but this game deserves appreciation. After how much I loved the original Dead Space, I just had to get the second one. The first had me constantly on edge, even when I'd stopped playing. This sequel is Incredible, I didn't think there would be much improvement from the first one, just a little change of scenery, but this game is a whole new level of entertainment. I'm about half way through at the moment and can't stop. You play Isaac Clarke, meant to be just an engineer but he is extremely badass, lost in one maze of a city just trying to survive and save anyone he meets along the way. I wont ruin any of the Campaign, but if you're think of getting hold of a new game soon, this would be my suggestion:

Update: Just finished the campaign....wow.

We gotta get out of the streets and back to the block - Review of Attack the Block

I finally got a chance to see attack the block yesterday and it did not disappoint. I say finally because for months, a lot of months, I have been eagerly anticipating it's release and now that I've seen it and I don't feel at all let down, but rather it was far better than I could of ever expected. Written and directed by newcomer Joe Cornish, there are those who expected this to become Shaun of the Dead for aliens, and whilst initially that is what had me sold on the movie, luckily it turned out to be something much greater. Attack the block is hilarious so in that sense, yes, it's like Shaun of the dead in that it's a comedy, with aliens. For me though, attack the block seemed closer to 80's classics like Gremlins and Critters. I'm finding it hard to think of any real criticisms for attack the block, the performances were all spot on - the main boys in the film are exactly like most of the kids you meet in south london (i live there), and their dialogue was perfect "they hit that bully van into my whip", but you can see why American's might require subtitles, the above means "They drove that cop van into my car". Moses, the main character was such a badass, that me and my friend had to restrain ourselves from rooting for him in the cinema. Nick Frost delivers a solid performance, although no different from his Shaun of the dead one really - but there's nothing wrong with that. The shot's are amazing and a lot is kept hidden and shrouded in mystery, the aliens are black as black can be and can only be spotted by their florescent teeth, they remain hidden in the dark and as you can just see two spots of light approaching, its very creepy. As it takes place on November 5th, Cornish uses the fireworks for a number of exciting scenes and shots, leaving behind an eerie trail of smoke and light that has you hanging off the edge of your seat in suspense. Its funny, it's badass, and the alien's are kept simple and sometimes aren't CGI, which is just cooler because CGI always looks a little shitty if you ask me, I'm more of a believer of puppets and models. The film also manages to fit in some pretty interesting messages about what's effecting youth culture today (and as the characters were perfect representations of yutes it felt real), there were obvious messages like family dynamics, but also about how their treated by police, how people judge them and about how people are happy to help children overseas but the kids here aren't "exotic" enough. It's a fantastic film and it's shot right up to one of my favourites, I suggest you all check it out as soon as possible, and i'm going to see it again like next week or something.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Space be crazyyy

These images were taken by the Hubble telescope and are incredible. Wanna see more? Click here

LA Noire - Rockstars new masterpiece

'LA Noire' is Rockstars newest game and was released 2 days ago on the 17th of May. I havent yet had the chance to play this game, but know it takes place Los Angeles 1947, and is meant to be a dark, detective thriller the likes of which have never been seen before. LA Noire is going to change the way we see gaming forever, you play Cole Phelps, a law enforcement office working his way up through the ranks, such as homicide, arson etc. The reason this game is so special is how you work you way through it, you ask your own questions and follow your own leads. The equipment used to create the game is more advanced that ever seen before, it captures every movement on the characters face, meaning as the player you will have to pay close attention to pick up on any signs when collecting evidence. I am truly excited for this game, heres the trailer:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Awake - Probably the superior sci-fi offering this season

Jason Isaac's stars in Awake, NBC's new sci fi drama, in which a police investigator finds his life split into two after a fatal car accident, and can't distinguish between the dream and reality. It looks very smart and well crafted, and from what I can see here Isaac's performance is perfect. Take a look at the trailer

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Four-Handed awesomeness

Who'd have thunk it; some southern lumberjacks, a guitar and some gaga can be awesome?

Peter Jackson & Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin

I have never been a big fan of the tintin books, I've read 1 or 2 and those which I have read I've enjoyed, but when I heard that there would be a feature Tintin movie released I wasn't that excited. Until I discovered not only Peter Jackson and Steven Spielbergs involvement (Spielberg's at the directorial seat, Jackson only in as a producer), but also once I discovered who was behind the screenplay. Steven Moffat (whom has written all the best doctor who episodes, including blink and the recent The impossible astronaut/day of the moon), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, his involvement is very exciting) and Joe Cornish (Director of Attack the block, which i'm yet to see but pretty sure I will love). After hearing that the script was composed by these 3 geniuses now I am pretty damn excited to see this, and the trailer has only added to that excitement, especially that shot of the sand turning to water - damnnnnn.

The animation is similar to that of The Polar Express, which really freaked me out. But this feels more refined, more realistic but also much more fun and animated. This is one I'm going to be definitely checking out in 3D because it's the way the filmmakers intended for it to be seen, so it's only fair that I see it that way. With a great cast consisting of Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Mackenzie Crook, be sure to check this out.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Napoleon Dynamite the Animated Series

Last year Fox announced plans to make a animated Tv series based on Jared Hess's Napoleon Dynamite. All the original cast have returned and for me this could go either way. Alot of the comedy I got out the film was Heder's physicality, the character is all in his face, so i'm not sure how it will measure up in an animated format. But a chance to see the whole gang again is exciting, especially Uncle Rico and Kit my favourite duo from the original film.

JJ Abrams is back with Alcatraz

The trailer for the new JJ Abrams produced TV show Alcatraz has just been released. Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff (A writer for Lost & Deadwood) and starring Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Abrams looks like he could be on to another winner.
I loved lost, watched it from the first to the last episode and thoroughly enjoyed most of the directions the show was sent in, like most I was a little disappointed for the finale but the journey was so amazing when we finally got there, it was never going to match up. With that in mind I am excited for Alcatraz, I just hope it doesn't drag on any longer than it needs to, maybe 1 or 2 series, keep it simple.
Here is the trailer

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Did you say bean? My thoughts on Community's Finale

This week saw the finale of Community series 2. Since the very first episode Community has been one of my favourite shows, consistently getting better and better, for me it's unstoppable. Time and time again I've found myself asking how can they top this, only to have the next episode answer my question for me. There are many classics from the 2 seasons, but for me the 2-parter paintball finale was the standout. Taking motifs from Westerns and Star wars, the final 2 episodes (A fistfull of paintballs and For a few paintballs more) hit new heights of entertainment. I don't want to give anything away, but if you've never seen community, watch it. Don't think, don't try and find the time, sit down for 20 minutes and fucking watch it. With an inspired guest spot from Lost's Josh Holloway prompting an epic showdown of good looks with likeable leading man Jeff Winger (Joel Mchale), as well as Abed's (Danny Pudi) remarkable Han Solo, some brilliant callbacks to earlier in the series - troy's plumbing skills come in handy, this episode is not to be missed, in fact even if you have seen it, watch it again. And again if you have to, its that awesome.
I do have one problem with the finale though, its the finale. That's the worst thing for me, the thought that I have to wait possibly a year before any new episodes is devastating. But I know when they come back it'll be bigger and better than ever before, because thats the community way.
While i'm discussing Community, I really hope the NBC Thursday night line up of Community, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation doesn't change for a while, because it really is just the best night of television with 3 of my favourite shows in a row, bravo NBC, now make the rest of your programming this good.

I didn't want to post any of the new episode but here's a little video from the first paintball episode which was also fucking incredible.

Battlefield 3 - "Fault Line" Gameplay Trailer

As you can probably tell from my earlier post, when it comes to first person shooters I'm a religious Call Of Duty fan, but after seeing this trailer I'm starting to think I may have been wrong all along. This is a 12 minute preview of the up coming Battlefield 3, the trailer is titled 'Fault Line'. enjoy
My first thought when watching this trailer was 'wow', the graphics were incredible and when the action started, I was hooked.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Already I can't wait for this, Call of Duty just steps it up every time, Modern Warfare 2 was simply amazing. From what the trailers show the new game is set in America, Germany, France and England. I feel familiar landmarks will play a large part in this sequel and I'm hoping for epic shoot outs set in beautiful surroundings, from the skyscrapers of New York to the streets of London. I'm confident MW3 will deliver. Check them out:





Call of the Dead

Really can't wait for this, the new Call of Duty add on containing a new zombie map, "Escalation", staring George Romero, Buffy, Freddy Kreuger, Danny Trejo & Michael Rooker. Just like thousands of other people I am huge Call Of Duty fan, especially the 'Modern Warfare' series. This add on has been available since the 3rd of May and a review will be up as soon as possible. Heres the trailer:

Attack of the Killer Fungi

From David Attenboroughs Planet Earth, this is crazy. Mother nature is seriously fucking cool

Friday, 13 May 2011

Trailer time

I would have posted these separately as there isn't a massive link between them, but blogger was being a douche  and wouldn't let me post for like a day and a half so to save time, here's what I'm going to call trailer time, when i post a number of trailers that look awesome every week, providing that awesome trailers come out weekly

30 Minutes or Less
The trailer for this one has been out for over a week now, but I don't give a shit because it looks awesome. Let me break it down, from Ruben Fleischer (the man behind the brilliant zombieland) and starring Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network, Zombieland), Aziz Ansari (Parks & Rec) and Danny Mcbride (Eastbound & down). It's got a fantastic premise and a brilliant cast, and to get to see Ansari as a lead in a feature film is a definite advantage

Horrible Bosses
This is another i'm very excited to see, horrible bosses follows 3 friends (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) trying to kill their 3 awful bosses (Colin Farrel, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston), its got a fantastic cast, and is directed by Seth Gordon the man behind the brilliant King of Kong. I'm also really interested to see Charlie Day's performance, he plays Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and is consistently brilliant, it will be interesting to see how he performs in this.

Fright Night
A remake of the 80's classic, this time starring Anton Yelchin (star trek), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (superbad), Toni Collete (Little miss sunshine), Colin Farrel (in bruges) and David Tennant (Doctor who). Whilst I'm always sceptical about remakes, and rightly so with the vast majority being shit, the trailer for this one looks very promising, it looks fun, dark and seems to be the first remake that has been updated successfully (referring here to the shot of Yelchin using an Iphone app to break into a house). I'm excited for this, but i'll reserve judgement till I've seen the film as remakes have tricked me in the past.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Burial & Four Tet - Moth

I've heard the odd track here and there by Four tet, but I'm only really familiar with their second album 'Pause', which opened me up to a new world of music including the likes of Bonobo and Flying Lotus. After seeing this track posted earlier on a friends Facebook I was excited to hear something I hadn't heard before, its just been playing over and over in my head...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jack Steadman - Shook ones (Mobb Deep)

Any Hip Hop fan will know "Mobb Deep - Shook ones", in my opinion one of the best tracks out there. If you're a fan of Bombay Bicycle you might also want to take an interest as this is a track produced by the lead singer, Jack Steadman. Enjoy

5 funniest Apprentice Contestants

The apprentice starts tonight, im fucking psyched. I love the apprentice, its amazing, and every year it introduces us to so many wonderfully delusional people who think they are the dogs bollocks, but they are only half right. I thought I'd celebrate the return of Alan Sugar and the gang with a list of some of the best candidates from past series.

Tre Azam & Simon Ambrose

Deemed the odd couple, the friendship that blossomed during series 3 had us all smiling, Tre, a cool but aggressive, slightly gangsta, very arrogant londoner was matched with Simon, a kinda geeky, very immature Cambridge grad. The two had lovely moments on their own, but the moments they were together were truly special. Simon went on to win in the final, but Tre's arrogance wasn't entirely misplaced as he won 8 out of 11 tasks, the most any candidate has won.

James Mcquillan

James the Joker. I don't care what anyone says, Stuart Baggs aint got nothing on the Mcquillan, whilst baggs had some funny phrases, as sir Alan put it with james "some village is missing their idiot". Despite his nature James made it quite far in the series and secured a place in all of our memories with his exit from the board room, after being fired he turned back to Sir Alan and whispered "its been excellent sir". What a guy

This isn't the best collection of clips, but Youtube is seriously lacking in the Mcquillan department

Raef Bjayou

The king of the apprentice. He gets on with Prince or Pauper and has since graced our scenes again on Celebrity Coach Trip and Celebrity Come dine with me. Raef is a true gentleman, well spoken, always looks the part and as he said on Coach trip he talks about "some of the most interesting topics known to man", he should have won. Simple as.

Alex Epstein

Alex was a bumbling idiot throughout, he thought he was amazing, and he was in his own way. His most magnificent moment of course was his freak out in the board room, "WHEN!". Alex could probably host his own tv show quite competently, he's lovable and just looks like a big puppy, which is how most saw him.

Chris Bates

Chris was robbed in the final. First Sir Alan gets rid of Liz, LIZ?! She had everything, was easily the most level-headed, intelligent and hot one out there, and she bought in £100,000 on one of the tasks. So first she went, and I was sure Chris has to win because Liz was his only real competition. And what happens Stella English gets hired? give me a fucking break. Chris was a legend, he put Baggs the bellend in his place during the bus tours task, kept his cool in the interviewing process despite being torn to shreds, was loved by both Karen and Nick and had some of the best moments in what I consider to be the best series of The Apprentice. His famous fuck up giving a touring company 20% of all their tickets sold, ended up winning him the task and gaining a reputation as "very innovative". I really miss Chris and here's hoping he gets involved with some more television soon.
Again this isn't the greatest clip, it's 10 minutes of his interview from Your Hired including his best bits (around 1min 50), which are brilliant.

Honorable Mentions

Liz Locke

Ok so admittedly, she didn't have many funny moments, but just look at her. Id love to lock lips with liz locke, shes gorgeous and she was incredibly intelligent, with remarkable business acumen. I hear she is going to be doing a video diary for the news of the world talking about the new series, i'll check it out, just to check her out more than anything.

Nick Hewer

Finally, he's the funniest in every series, his facial expressions his genius quips, his ability to point out a huge mistake that puts the teams in their place. I hope he never leaves like Margaret did, and maybe one day it could be Nick Hewer's the apprentice instead.

I can't wait for tonight, and hopefully it doesn't disappoint and there will be a new face or 2 to add to this list in a few weeks time, but who knows?

I saw the devil - A relentless, brutal yet beautiful film

I saw the devil is the new film from Kim Ji-woon, director of The Good, The bad and The weird, and like TGTBTW, it took an worn genre and made it fresh. This time its revenge films rather than westerns.  The premise follows Soo-Hyun (played by TGTBTW's Lee Byung-Hun), a secret agent, hunting down his wife's murderer (played by Oldboy's Choi Min-sik) for some revenge.
I saw the devil is littered with beautiful shots and wonderful sets. Both leads produce sensational performances, and they constantly have you on the edge of your seat. The film has some incredibly powerful scenes with the perfect score to match, particularly early on in the film when Soo-Hyun's wife's body is found. Like i've said in the title of this post, I saw the devil is one of the most relentless revenge films I've ever seen, with each act topping the last in terms of brutality and originality. The final act of the film is brilliant as well, with an ending that sticks with you long after the film is done. I Saw the Devil is one of the best films I've seen this year and I really can't recommend it enough (unless of course you have a weak stomach, I'm pretty desensitized to violence and this had me feeling a little uneasy throughout).
The trailer for the film is below, but I quickly wanted to say that the advertising for this film was also one of the best I've seen in years, the trailers were beautiful, the posters original and dark yet simple.
I love that final bit in the trailer, with the shotgun. So f**king badass.

Tyler, the Creator - Goblin review

I've been pretty excited about this album every since learning its release date (10/5/2011) and picked up myself a copy as soon as possible, only to take it home and find myself skipping tracks constantly. I had such high hopes after hearing 'Yonkers' and immediately becoming a fan, but this album really isn't doing it for me. You can't relax to this, it keeps you constantly on edge and although the beats are good, they do not progress, just the same the whole way through. Of course there is the odd track I can listen to, but none that really grabbed my attention. Guess I'm just going to be sticking to Yonkers.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Interesting Dog

Haven't really accomplished much today, one exam, a little revision and a lot of time watching this:

Falty DL - My Friends Will Say

Been enjoying this track for the last few days, taken from his new EP 'Phreqaflex'. Give it a listen

DJ Limegreen Ft Phil the Agony & Stylistik Jones

Recently came across this track and I can't stop throwing it on, the tune is called higher than high. Check it out

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Amazing Hiphop mix

This is truly amazing hip hop mix by Hudson Mohawke, just felt it needed to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

Track list:
Gangstarr (ft. WC) – The Militia

Breakthrough (ft. Maspyke) – This Way Before

The East Flatbush Project (ft. Des) – Tried by 12 (Instrumental)

The East Flatbush Project (ft. Des) – Tried by 12 (Original)

Mobb Deep - Temperature rising (Album version)


DJ Design – No Games (Instrumental)


Beauty Day Trailer

I feel like this should have been included on my last post, unfortunately I've only just seen the trailer. Beauty Day follows Cap'n Video filming his 20th anniversary show, Cap'n video was the pioneer for shows like Jackass and The Dudesons and this film seems to show off his eccentricity wonderfully

Beauty Day Trailer from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

7 Documentaries to watch out for

I love documentaries, their ability to make you care about something that you knew nothing about before watching the film is amazing. Of course, its pretty hit and miss, whilst you get some that truly and deeply effect you, you also get others which pass by unnoticed. This is a list of some trailers which I've come across lately that look to have some real promise.

Make Believe
Make believe follows 6 young magicians as they travel to Vegas to battle it out for World Teen Champion. From the trailer the film seems to have some real heart, and its refreshing to see it following teens from all over the world and not just America. First time director J. Clay Tweel previously worked on The King of Kong which is wonderful so hopefully he can bring some of that magic back to Make Believe.

Project Nim
If you watch this, and you aren't completely touched by this, then I'd advise a trip to the doctor to make sure you aren't suffering from ColdBitchitis. From the director of Man on wire, Project Nim follows the first experiment to teach an ape sign language. Just watch the trailer and enjoy

Pom Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Next is Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock's new film, this time turning his attention to America's product placement, in an incredibly innovative way, some what a meta-documentary. I loved super size me, it was the first documentary that really interested me and had me salivating for more, so personally I can't wait for this. And the fact that Outkast's Big Boi is thrown into the trailer is just a lovely treat.

Blood In The Mobile
I find it difficult to set this film up, as I went into the trailer not knowing what to expect and was stunned at its subject matter. It seems that choosing a mobile phone is going to be an ethical issue in the future, fair trade phones anyone?

Louder Than a Bomb
I love films like this, and to see a documentary about spoken word - something I really enjoy but isn't widely available. Like Make Believe this seems like it'll be an awesome and interesting journey, and will hopefully bring spoken word into the spotlight a bit more, because lets face it, its essentially rap without the beats.

Armadillo and Marwencol
Finally are two trailers that have impacted me more than most.

The fear in the soldiers face at the end means this is one that should definitely stay on your radar. Its been likened to Restrepo (which im still yet to see), and is apparently incredibly moving

As for Marwencol, just wow

On a similar note, here are 3 documentaries that are already out and should definitely be seen

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
You'd think a 4 hour documentary might get a little dull after a while but somehow this film keeps you hooked. For any fans of the Krueger films it is a must see, bringing back almost all the cast and crew from the series to talk about the production of the films. It doesn't sound like much but it needs to be seen to understand the house that Freddy built.

Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father
I really don't want to give much away about this one, but it's incredible. I've seen it 8 times this year and will probably watch it another 8. It's a story everyone should hear that will make you sick to your stomach but at the same time teach you something about friendship and family.

Community 216 - Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
Ok admittedly this one isn't an actual documentary, but it's a wonderful play with the format. Community is my favourite TV show and this episode is one of my favourites. It works on so many levels and is a must see. If you haven't seen community then check it out because every episode is gold.


Tyler, the Creator - Yonkers (Album: Goblin)

Since the release of Tyler, the Creator's new single 'Yonkers', nothing else has come from my speakers. I was hypnotised the first time I saw the video and the single quickly became one of my all time favourites. 'Yonkers' is the first single from OFWGKTA member Tyler the Creator's upcoming album 'Goblin', due to be released 10/5/2011. The lyrics of the single are very dark and the video only enhances this, but that doesn't stop it being near impossible to look away from. I am extremely looking forward to the release of Goblin and will post a review once I have purchased it.You can watch 'Yonkers' here:



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