Sunday, 8 May 2011

7 Documentaries to watch out for

I love documentaries, their ability to make you care about something that you knew nothing about before watching the film is amazing. Of course, its pretty hit and miss, whilst you get some that truly and deeply effect you, you also get others which pass by unnoticed. This is a list of some trailers which I've come across lately that look to have some real promise.

Make Believe
Make believe follows 6 young magicians as they travel to Vegas to battle it out for World Teen Champion. From the trailer the film seems to have some real heart, and its refreshing to see it following teens from all over the world and not just America. First time director J. Clay Tweel previously worked on The King of Kong which is wonderful so hopefully he can bring some of that magic back to Make Believe.

Project Nim
If you watch this, and you aren't completely touched by this, then I'd advise a trip to the doctor to make sure you aren't suffering from ColdBitchitis. From the director of Man on wire, Project Nim follows the first experiment to teach an ape sign language. Just watch the trailer and enjoy

Pom Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Next is Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock's new film, this time turning his attention to America's product placement, in an incredibly innovative way, some what a meta-documentary. I loved super size me, it was the first documentary that really interested me and had me salivating for more, so personally I can't wait for this. And the fact that Outkast's Big Boi is thrown into the trailer is just a lovely treat.

Blood In The Mobile
I find it difficult to set this film up, as I went into the trailer not knowing what to expect and was stunned at its subject matter. It seems that choosing a mobile phone is going to be an ethical issue in the future, fair trade phones anyone?

Louder Than a Bomb
I love films like this, and to see a documentary about spoken word - something I really enjoy but isn't widely available. Like Make Believe this seems like it'll be an awesome and interesting journey, and will hopefully bring spoken word into the spotlight a bit more, because lets face it, its essentially rap without the beats.

Armadillo and Marwencol
Finally are two trailers that have impacted me more than most.

The fear in the soldiers face at the end means this is one that should definitely stay on your radar. Its been likened to Restrepo (which im still yet to see), and is apparently incredibly moving

As for Marwencol, just wow

On a similar note, here are 3 documentaries that are already out and should definitely be seen

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
You'd think a 4 hour documentary might get a little dull after a while but somehow this film keeps you hooked. For any fans of the Krueger films it is a must see, bringing back almost all the cast and crew from the series to talk about the production of the films. It doesn't sound like much but it needs to be seen to understand the house that Freddy built.

Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father
I really don't want to give much away about this one, but it's incredible. I've seen it 8 times this year and will probably watch it another 8. It's a story everyone should hear that will make you sick to your stomach but at the same time teach you something about friendship and family.

Community 216 - Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
Ok admittedly this one isn't an actual documentary, but it's a wonderful play with the format. Community is my favourite TV show and this episode is one of my favourites. It works on so many levels and is a must see. If you haven't seen community then check it out because every episode is gold.


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