Sunday, 15 May 2011

Did you say bean? My thoughts on Community's Finale

This week saw the finale of Community series 2. Since the very first episode Community has been one of my favourite shows, consistently getting better and better, for me it's unstoppable. Time and time again I've found myself asking how can they top this, only to have the next episode answer my question for me. There are many classics from the 2 seasons, but for me the 2-parter paintball finale was the standout. Taking motifs from Westerns and Star wars, the final 2 episodes (A fistfull of paintballs and For a few paintballs more) hit new heights of entertainment. I don't want to give anything away, but if you've never seen community, watch it. Don't think, don't try and find the time, sit down for 20 minutes and fucking watch it. With an inspired guest spot from Lost's Josh Holloway prompting an epic showdown of good looks with likeable leading man Jeff Winger (Joel Mchale), as well as Abed's (Danny Pudi) remarkable Han Solo, some brilliant callbacks to earlier in the series - troy's plumbing skills come in handy, this episode is not to be missed, in fact even if you have seen it, watch it again. And again if you have to, its that awesome.
I do have one problem with the finale though, its the finale. That's the worst thing for me, the thought that I have to wait possibly a year before any new episodes is devastating. But I know when they come back it'll be bigger and better than ever before, because thats the community way.
While i'm discussing Community, I really hope the NBC Thursday night line up of Community, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation doesn't change for a while, because it really is just the best night of television with 3 of my favourite shows in a row, bravo NBC, now make the rest of your programming this good.

I didn't want to post any of the new episode but here's a little video from the first paintball episode which was also fucking incredible.

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