Thursday, 19 May 2011

LA Noire - Rockstars new masterpiece

'LA Noire' is Rockstars newest game and was released 2 days ago on the 17th of May. I havent yet had the chance to play this game, but know it takes place Los Angeles 1947, and is meant to be a dark, detective thriller the likes of which have never been seen before. LA Noire is going to change the way we see gaming forever, you play Cole Phelps, a law enforcement office working his way up through the ranks, such as homicide, arson etc. The reason this game is so special is how you work you way through it, you ask your own questions and follow your own leads. The equipment used to create the game is more advanced that ever seen before, it captures every movement on the characters face, meaning as the player you will have to pay close attention to pick up on any signs when collecting evidence. I am truly excited for this game, heres the trailer:

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