Friday, 13 May 2011

Trailer time

I would have posted these separately as there isn't a massive link between them, but blogger was being a douche  and wouldn't let me post for like a day and a half so to save time, here's what I'm going to call trailer time, when i post a number of trailers that look awesome every week, providing that awesome trailers come out weekly

30 Minutes or Less
The trailer for this one has been out for over a week now, but I don't give a shit because it looks awesome. Let me break it down, from Ruben Fleischer (the man behind the brilliant zombieland) and starring Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network, Zombieland), Aziz Ansari (Parks & Rec) and Danny Mcbride (Eastbound & down). It's got a fantastic premise and a brilliant cast, and to get to see Ansari as a lead in a feature film is a definite advantage

Horrible Bosses
This is another i'm very excited to see, horrible bosses follows 3 friends (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) trying to kill their 3 awful bosses (Colin Farrel, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston), its got a fantastic cast, and is directed by Seth Gordon the man behind the brilliant King of Kong. I'm also really interested to see Charlie Day's performance, he plays Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and is consistently brilliant, it will be interesting to see how he performs in this.

Fright Night
A remake of the 80's classic, this time starring Anton Yelchin (star trek), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (superbad), Toni Collete (Little miss sunshine), Colin Farrel (in bruges) and David Tennant (Doctor who). Whilst I'm always sceptical about remakes, and rightly so with the vast majority being shit, the trailer for this one looks very promising, it looks fun, dark and seems to be the first remake that has been updated successfully (referring here to the shot of Yelchin using an Iphone app to break into a house). I'm excited for this, but i'll reserve judgement till I've seen the film as remakes have tricked me in the past.

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