Saturday, 21 May 2011

6 Shows to check out this fall

Community is done. 30 rock is gone. How I met your mother is finished. Modern Family has its finale next week. Parks and Recreation finished brilliantly on Thursday, all of this means that the summer season is over and the fall season's on it's way. There are a lot of new shows starting this time around, most of them look kinda crappy but here are 6 shows that I feel have potential and could go on to be staples in your schedule.

I've already done a post on awake previously on this blog, I think it has more potential than any other show this season and I'm sure we can expect some great things from it.

NBC seems to have gone fr quite a fairy tale vibe this season with both Grimm and Once upon a time, with Grimm looking superior (although once upon a time also sounds interesting, it's not on my list as I'm not too sure on the real-life disney feel im getting from it). Grimm is from some of the same team behind Buffy, and I'm getting a similar albeit darker vibe to it. The premise is this: the show's antagonist is a descendant of the Grimm's brothers and as a result is capable of seeing the supernatural. It looks like his sidekick is a wise cracking were wolf, whom I'm not too sure about, but I'm certain this will lead to some pretty interesting conflicts when his wolf instincts take over. I'm sure we'll see things like vampires, zombies, witches and maybe even the occasional buffy or angel reference, as it's possible that these show's could happen in the same universe, now that would make me really interested.
The River
I'm a big fan of both Paranormal Activity' films, whilst I don't find them as frightening as I was lead to believe before seeing, but the ways in which Oren Peli manages to create suspense so thick you could cut it with a knife is amazing and truely frightening, even if the jumps at the end of the suspense only consisted of a door flying open or a dog barking at some ominous footsteps, its remarkable. So the River is the new show from Oren Peli, the director of paranormal activity & insidious (which im yet to see), and from what I can tell so far its Paranormal Activity, on a boat, in a secluded part of the amazonian river, and I am sure the suspense will work so much better in television format, where its built up over weeks rather than 90 minutes. Unfortunately embedding has been disabled on the video so CLICK HERE to watch the trailer, and trust me you should click it, did I mention Spielberg's involved.

Terra Nova
Spielberg again here, this time the world is threatened by extinction, so in an effort to save the human race the government sends people back to the prehistoric times to create the first colony. Very interesting premise, not to mention that dinosaurs are always a plus and who know's a couple of series down the line maybe we'll see them encounter prehistoric man.
Up All Night
Will Arnett. Christina Applegate. And Maya Rudolph - not a huge fan but she looks good in this. This looks like it could be a fantastic comedy, Arnett is a god for GOB, probably the finest character in Arrested Development, one of the best comedy shows of all time. Arnett & Applegate play struggling first time parents, with him as a stay at home dad and her seemingly ridden hard by Rudolph, her boss. The trailer is funny so hopefully the show will be
The New Girl
Zooey Deschanel does TV, thats enough for me. The fact that she's quirky as hell in this is an added bonus. Whats really interesting here is she's moving into a flat with 3 men following a breakup yet, judging from the trailer there is no sign of any romantic play between her and any of them, but rather a brotherly-sisterly bond which is a nice change of pace, although that being said I'm sure we'll see her bag most of them during the course of the show.

Ok, there is one more show I am going to mention, It didn't quite make the list but could prove to be a beautiful show. The show is Pan Am and its only really on here because it stars the gorgeous Christina Ricci and from the trailer looks like it could have some stunning sets and costumes.

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